Media Guides


2015-16 Basketball
For my winter sports guides, I used a geometric pattern for the background and then came up with slanted shapes for my text and school mascots. Over all a simple and clean design.

2016 Baseball
All sports have some form of mathematics for the game. I used geometry. Geometric shapes are used in each spring sport designs. I used old baseball cards as the inspiration for the pitcher and batter covers. The baseball and softball guide cover I used a shield concept and modernized it.

2016 Football
This football season I used several layout designs, one of which was a geometric layout with a simple printmaking type style as well as a realistic take on each schools mascots. I also used a “breaking away” design for some of my covers, and a more vernacular, vintage design for the rest.

2016-17 Basketball
This basketball season I came up with several layout designs. For instance, Langham Creek, I used vertical text with their mascot as the main focal point. Along with cover designs, here is one of several stat layout examples I designed throughout this basketball season.

2017 Football
This football season I went more movie poster themed. The Silverton Foxes I added vertical trees on the right hand side to give the main focus more depth. The Eureka loggers I went for more of a cabin in the woods type of feel. I created a crest and added a playful element of trees growing out of the Eureka text. I completed the cover by adding trees and players. For the Cyclones and the Timberwolves I created a shattered glass look with a head on view of a player running at full speed that looks like he is going to smash through.

2017-18 Basketball
This basketball season I went with the theme of strips of paper/vernacular inspired with textures for my winter sports covers. My basketball covers I used a Millennial style of design, black and white photo of a court with white text or shape on top and added texture fades in the opposite corners.