I always wondered when I sent a postcard to my friends if the mail person read the card. Therefore, with that in mind, I designed a simple flap that would cover up the message creating a card/postcard. The colors I chose are textures that I make with different types of mediums. These cards I used pastels on textured paper that I scanned in and used to filled in the drawn outlined image. I either drew the images in Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator or hand drew them and then scanned.


The Graduation card I designed for a friend of mine who was graduating from college. I wanted to steer away from the basic generic graduation card so I decided to create a time line of all the important events starting with her birth and then finishing with her college graduation.

The second graduation cards I designed, were for two close family friends of mine who were both graduating with masters degrees from Kansas State. The concept of this card is a start to finish. Starting with her first day of Preschool to her final photo of her graduating.

The Baby Shower card I designed for a close friend of mine who was celebrating her first birth. Her and her family are botanists and run a local green house. Thus explains my reasoning for incorporating the two.

The Turkey Birthday card I originally designed to distribute to my friends as a holiday Thanksgiving greeting. However, a friend of mine’s birthday was in November and I needed a card so I altered my Thanksgiving turkey as a birthday card instead. The images I found on the internet and redrew them in Adobe Photoshop adding my own touches to them and using pastels that I scanned in as texture.

The Christmas card I designed with a flying pig in mind. At a work Christmas party I wanted this flying pig ornament and didn’t get it. Therefore, I kept thinking about it and needed an idea for my Christmas cards. I thought it would be a great idea to have a pig pulling a sleigh instead of reindeer. Therefore, symbolizing that Christmas is a special time of year when anything is possible and miracles can happen.