Physical Therapy (Freelance)
This poster I designed for the Physical Therapy department at Wellington, KS. The idea behind the poster was to get the community involved in exercising to benefit ones health. The running man is a logo of theirs. The text under the running man symbolizes a track, or pavement. I designed the poster so the viewers eye is drawn first to the top and has to gradually work down. The poster is done in the companies one color, pantone 280, blue.


Hooked-On-Books (Freelance)
Hooked on books was a poster that I voluntarily did for my hometown library, Beloit, KS. The posters purpose was to encourage the public to facilitate funding for a new library. The reason I chose a bookmark for the layout was due to the fact that most bookmarks are already rectangle in shape and the logo I thought made an excellent tassel. I used watercolors for the style and texture to give it a Huckleberry-Fin appearance. The text I wanted a mixture of stylized and commercial.