half-n-half Concept: The Name of My Typeface is called Half-n-Half. One part thick lines the other thin. Both typefaces were specifically used for the main designs of Honei packaging. The top set I originally designed in my typography class. I had a habit of making my lines too thin. I changed the aesthetics of the typeface, I used thick lines to offset the thin. The bottom set I later modified. I was looking for a typeface with more of a natural and comfortable appearance to compliment the Honei product. I also thickened up the thinner lines, while still sticking with the half-n-half concept.
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The Concept: To package something using your own type. First I designed the type Honei. When looking at the type I designed, I thought it took on a more elegant beauty product appeal. Therefore, I decided to package Hand salve. I wanted an all natural product, and in this case honey came to mind. The project didn’t stop there, I later extended it with tea bags for ones stressed and puffy eyes and aromatic room stress relief crystals. I played up the type by using image as type by replacing the “i” in honei with a flower image.
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